Eigenblutbehandlung & Komplexhomöopathie

Autologous blood therapy & complex homeopathy

Autologous blood therapy is a proven natural healing method that effectively stimulates the body's self-healing powers. In this procedure, a small amount of blood is taken from a vein in the arm and reinjected into the skin or muscle.

The blood contains a variety of individual information about past bacterial and viral infections, residual toxins, metabolic deposits, acidification, and the effects of injuries. The body has to deal with these blood components and the mentioned information at an unfamiliar site. The processes initiated in this process provide an excellent stimulus for the body's self-healing powers. By combining the blood with homeopathic complex preparations, the effects can be significantly enhanced.

It is important to keep the stimuli small, using only small amounts of blood (0.5 to 4 ml). In regulatory therapy, the principle applies: "Weak stimuli stimulate vital activity, strong stimuli suppress it."

Autologous blood therapy is used for the following symptoms or complaints:

• Non-specific discomfort such as weather sensitivity,
lack of drive, general pain, sleep disorders
• Inflammatory and degenerative joint problems
• Non-specific dizziness
• Allergies, skin disorders, inflammations, infections
• Menopausal symptoms


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