What is meant by oxyvenation?

The administration of pure oxygen through the veins is referred to as oxyvenation. This is done slowly and precisely dosed in small quantities.

The small oxygen bubbles thus made available to the blood promote the formation of vasodilatory and anti-inflammatory substances, among others. It leads to the elimination of excess tissue fluid (edema). The clotting ability of blood platelets is inhibited, thereby counteracting vascular thrombosis. There is a general improvement in blood circulation throughout the body.

In addition, certain white blood cells, which predominantly serve the body's defense, multiply due to the addition of oxygen. The body's immune response is significantly improved.

Lots of oxygen = healthy life: When is intravenous oxygen therapy useful?

Wherever there is oxygen deficiency, intravenous oxygen therapy is an excellent way to significantly improve this condition:

• Circulatory disorders in the legs
• Fluid retention in the legs
• Polyneuropathies
• Memory impairment
• Stroke sequelae
• Migraine
• Heart attack sequelae
• Angina pectoris
• Heart failure
• Sudden hearing loss and dizziness
• Tinnitus
• Macular degeneration
• Allergies
• Hay fever and asthma
• Atopic dermatitis
• Chronic eczema
• Psoriasis
• Erectile dysfunction
• Exhaustion
• Adjunctive in cancer therapy, especially for reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy
• Kidney and liver weakness

What are the positive effects of oxyvenation treatment?

• Stabilization of the cardiovascular system
• Vitalization, for example, through improved brain circulation
• Healthy sleep: length and depth of sleep are improved; significant mood enhancement
• Reduction of rest and movement pain
• Measurable increase in walking distance in cases of leg circulation disorders
• Improvement in vision and hearing
• Enhanced respiratory function
• Boosting of the body's immune system

These effects can be supported with blood analyses, blood pressure measurements, improvements in visual acuity, and Doppler measurements.


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