What is kinesio taping?

The new, gentle form of pain therapy is widely used in competitive sports, as the images from the recent Olympics have impressively shown. And what is beneficial for the muscles and ligaments of athletes also helps regular patients with musculoskeletal pain.

Kinesio Taping is a therapy method that allows for direct influence on pain receptors through the application of Kinesio Tape. At the same time, it promotes the rapid elimination of edema fluid and inflammatory secretions by affecting the blood and lymphatic system, thereby restoring the physiological balance in the muscles.

The treatment is painless and free of side effects, and it leads to complete resolution of long-standing complaints in a high percentage of cases, both in the entire musculoskeletal system and in cases involving internal organs.

How long does the treatment take?

For acute symptoms, the treatment duration may be limited to just one session. However, the treatment of chronic pain can extend over several weeks. For migraine treatment, for example, a duration of 4 to 12 weeks should be expected.

Is it important, which colour I choose?

Even though it may sound like witchcraft to many, the color is indeed important. If the desired success is not achieved with taping and it is certain that it is a muscular problem, then most likely the wrong color has been chosen. After changing the color, it can be observed that the affected patients no longer feel any pain.

What do I need to consider during the treatment?

• Please do not apply any creams before getting taped.
• You can shower with the tape, but avoid using hot water and don't keep it on for too long.
• After showering, gently pat dry the tape instead of rubbing or using a hot blow dryer.
• The tape is made of pure cotton with an elastic structure that may stretch when exposed to heat.
• If the ends of the tape start to peel off while wearing it, you can cover them with another adhesive strip or simply cut off the ends.
• If you want to remove the tape, it is best done during showering.
• In the rare event of an allergy occurring, remove the tape immediately and inform me. Medication is not necessary.
• Tingling sensation under the tape is not a sign of an allergy but an indication of an activated metabolism. The skin may appear slightly reddened.
• It is important to stay active, especially in the areas where you have been taped.
• Every movement serves as a massage.
• Please drink plenty of fluids due to increased metabolic activity.

If I have an adhesive allergy, can I still undergo treatment with tape?

Yes, the adhesive used in the tape is a 100% acrylic adhesive made from a natural resin, which causes minimal allergies. Additionally, a skin protection spray can be applied before taping. If there is any uncertainty in this regard, a small piece of tape can be applied to the forearm as a test for a day. Sometimes, the color of the tape can also be a factor in causing allergies. When changing the color, no allergy is observed anymore.

How long do I have to wear the tape?

The tape is usually worn for 7 to 10 days. In some areas like the back, it can last up to 14 days or even longer. However, the elasticity of the band is often exhausted by that point, and the effectiveness diminishes.

Can I engage in sports immediately after taping?

It is crucial to remain calm for at least half an hour after taping, as the acrylic adhesive is activated by body heat and only then adheres firmly to the skin. Therefore, athletes should be taped 30 minutes before the game.


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