What is understood by SCENAR therapy?

SCENAR therapy is a form of electrical pulse therapy, where the SCENAR device (a small handheld device similar to a TV remote control) continuously adjusts the electrical impulses based on the organism's response. This is done through measuring the skin resistance. Unlike other forms of electrical therapy, the therapy impulses are not fixed (pre-determined), but are generated by the device according to the patient's current condition.

The main application area for SCENAR therapy is acute and chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system, especially in the muscles. Examples include shoulder-neck pain, lower back pain, or joint pain. Often, the treatment is used in conjunction with other forms of pain therapy.

How is SCENAR therapy performed?

A SCENAR treatment lasts between 5 - 15 minutes, depending on the necessity and the patient's response. The affected area of the body is stroked by the therapist with the SCENAR device. By observing the skin's reaction or the measurement values displayed by the device, the practitioner can identify the most promising spot for the therapy. This specific area is then treated during the session as long as an improvement in the regulatory disorder is observed (indicated by the measured values of skin resistance). After each treatment, the patient should notice a change in their symptoms.

For acute conditions, fewer treatments (usually 1-5) are required, while for chronic complaints, more frequent treatments (5-15) are necessary, typically one to several times per week.

What are the benefits of SCENAR therapy?

SCENAR therapy is completely free of side effects (except for patients with pacemakers and individuals who are highly sensitive to electrical stimulation, in which case treatment should not be performed). It is a highly individualized treatment tailored to the patient's specific reactions and can be combined with other forms of pain therapy.

In sports medicine (especially professional sports), SCENAR therapy is widely used, as it can significantly reduce the healing time of sports injuries when combined with additional SCENAR treatment. Non-athletes can also benefit from this therapeutic effect by undergoing concurrent SCENAR therapy for musculoskeletal pain.


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