What is a procaine base infusion?

Infusion neural therapy, pain and regulatory treatment, detoxification, revitalization, and more:

The multiple effects of the neural therapeutic agent procaine are enhanced and expanded through the combination with the base sodium hydrogen carbonate. The infusion leads to pain reduction, improvement in general well-being, and acid reduction. Additionally, anti-inflammatory and balancing (systemically regulatory) effects are observed. The treatment enables overall stress reduction and results in increased vitality.

Under healthy conditions, all body tissues are slightly alkaline, as well as blood, lymph, saliva, and cerebrospinal fluid (pH = 7.4). The glands in the body have an even more alkaline pH value (e.g., pancreas pH = 8.2 - 8.5). An exception is the stomach, which produces stomach acid as a barrier against pathogens and for digestion. Slightly acidic environments are also found in the vagina and on the skin to defend against pathogens.

While excess acids in the blood are quickly removed, this is no longer the case for the microenvironment of poorly perfused or chronically inflamed tissue. The acid burden on tissues has been identified as a major mechanism in the development of chronic diseases, chronic pain, and cancer.

Procain - an innovative classic

The procaine hydrochloride, which was approved in 1905, is one of the few drugs that continue to be significant today due to its effectiveness and good tolerability. Initially used for local anesthesia, it gained widespread popularity as the main active ingredient in neural therapy according to HUNECKE and the vitality treatment of the same name, introduced by Prof. ASLAN in the 1950s.

The outstanding properties of procaine in the body have also been confirmed in numerous scientific studies and include:

• Vasodilation (including the capillaries)
• Anti-inflammatory effects
• Antirheumatic action
• Antioxidant effect (neutralization of free radicals)
• Lipid-lowering effect
• Balancing effect on the autonomic nervous system (eutonization)

Sodium hydrogen carbonate - a natural body base

The healthy body has various buffering systems to neutralize excess acid substances in diverse ways.

In this process, in addition to minerals, the base sodium hydrogen carbonate plays a prominent role. Taking sodium bicarbonate (pure sodium hydrogen carbonate) has long been proven effective in the treatment of blood and tissue acidosis.

The intake of bases is considered a fundamental treatment for most chronic diseases, inflammations, digestive disorders, and as part of biological cancer therapy.

WORLITSCHEK demonstrated that tissue alkalization through the infusion of a sodium hydrogen carbonate solution is much more effective. This treatment has become a standard approach in naturopathy and has gained wide acceptance.

Procaine base infusion - the effective synthesis...

The Procaine base infusion combines the biological properties of the regulatory therapeutic agent Procaine with the essential body base sodium hydrogen carbonate.

It accelerates the tissue detoxification process and promotes blood circulation in tissues that have been undersupplied and chronically painful or inflamed for an extended period.

The treatment simultaneously provides pain relief and relaxation effects on the nervous system ("sympathicolysis").

The therapy has proven to be highly beneficial in enhancing the effects of other immune-boosting treatments and offers protective effects on the liver and pancreas.

How is the Procaine base infusion administered?

The Procaine base infusion is administered as an intravenous drip. A treatment lasts approximately 60 - 90 minutes. If possible, the therapy should be performed daily for a period of two weeks. In cases of acute symptoms (such as a migraine or gout attack), often one to three treatments are sufficient.

When is the procaine base infusion particularly beneficial?

• Body detoxification (indicated in most chronic diseases)
• Pain therapy (chronic or systemic pain, ineffectiveness of other methods)
• Rheumatism and osteoarthritis therapy
• Promotion of blood circulation
• Vitalization and anti-aging
• Biological cancer therapy (often in combination with additional treatments)


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