The Active Program Immunotherapy

In AP-Immun therapy, the immune-strengthening thymus therapy is combined with the energy-building Active Program, as immune deficiency is often associated with temporary or permanent energy imbalance or can be a direct result of energy deficiency. This combination of thymus therapy and Active Program serves to enhance the mutual effects.

The treatment consists of a series of 10 infusions and injections, generally administered over a period of 10-28 days. The infusion treatment aims to increase energy levels and involves a preparation that boosts cellular energy (ATP), supplemented with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, glucose, or other biogenic substances as needed.

AP-Immun has a significantly stronger effect on the immune defense system and human performance than thymus therapy alone, and it should be used in older individuals and those with significantly reduced general health, such as after severe pneumonia, prolonged antibiotic treatment, cancer, severe forms of chronic Lyme disease, severe burns, MS patients, after chemotherapy, persistent diarrhea, frequent and severe herpes infections, and after major surgeries.

After each infusion, light active movements are recommended, preferably outdoors, to further activate the immune system and achieve maximum effectiveness. During the treatment phase and the subsequent 12-week stabilization phase, it is advisable to minimize the consumption of caffeine, nicotine, and especially alcohol, as they can significantly reduce the effectiveness of AP-Immun. Concurrent medication should be discussed with the doctor to avoid potential interactions.


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