Colon Cleansing

Regular colon cleansing through intestinal detoxification is a significant contribution to one's own health. Who still has a healthy colon today? Bloating, sluggish bowel movements, constipation, loose stools, watery stools, chronic diarrhea, dysbiosis, and many resulting diseases are common among many people today. There is hardly anyone who is not affected by at least one of these intestinal problems. Especially allergic diseases (hay fever, eczema, asthma) and chronic mucosal diseases (sinusitis!) can often be positively influenced by colon cleansing.


The biological colon cleansing

The goal of regular colon cleansing is to cleanse the intestines of deposits and toxins and to promote a healthy intestinal flora. Only in this way can the intestines perform their digestive function (nutrient absorption), protective function (e.g., against harmful food components), and immune function (80% of the immune system resides in the intestines) without restrictions. Even the ancient Greeks knew: If the intestines are healthy, the person is healthy!

Advantages of a biological colon cleansing are:

• It is performed without chemicals and without mechanical interventions.
• It is very effective as all areas of the colon are reached.
• It can be carried out without disrupting daily life.
• It simultaneously detoxifies the entire body.

What does a biological colon cleansing look like?

A biological colon cleansing consists of several essential elements:

1. A crucial component is a high-quality fiber mixture that is capable of cleaning and detoxifying the entire colon. It is made up of 100% natural soluble fibers, including:

- Psyllium husk
- Psyllium seed
- Flaxseed
- Seaweed
- Natural clay
- Alginate (a substance derived from seaweed)

2. Probiotics are particularly important, which are healthy, fully viable, acid-producing intestinal bacteria that are taken in powder form. Various strains of bacteria with a high number of viable organisms ensure the regeneration of the intestinal flora, which is essential for intestinal health.

3. Every person unintentionally consumes toxins through food. Furthermore, putrefactive bacteria in the intestine produce toxins (e.g., fusel alcohols) that can enter the bloodstream through the intestinal mucosa. Natural substances derived from ground volcanic rock can bind these toxins and render them harmless.

4. The function of intestinal mucosal cells is highly dependent on adequate vitamin and mineral supply. A specially formulated nutritional supplement tailored to the needs of the mucous membrane contributes to optimal nutrient coverage.

5. If signs of inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, disturbances in the mucosal immune system, or digestive enzymes are detected through a prior stool examination, the colon cleansing will be supplemented with individual components.

Please note that this translation is provided for informational purposes only and should be reviewed by a professional for accuracy.


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