Dear guests,

Thank you for your interest in our practice for biological medicine.

We are a natural, friendly and modern practice in the middle of Luckau. Our team is characterized by a great competence and a strong commitment. Sympathy and empathy are in the foreground for us.

We are dedicated to the holistic treatment of serious multi-systemic diseases such as chronic infections and cancer:



Additional therapeutic focuses include:


In the following, you will learn more about what Biological Medicine is, which diagnostic and therapeutic methods we use in detail, as well as details about important disease patterns.

There are thousands of diseases but only one health!

In this sense your

dr. riedel - Praxisteam

Appointment consultation
Mo - Fr      07:30 - 10:15 a.m.
Mo            03:00 - 06:00 p.m.

Special appointment consultation:
(Lyme disease, Long-Covid, cancer therapy):
Mo - Fr      10.15 - 12.15 a.m.


The practice will be closed at the following times:

March 25th - April 5th 2024


Dr. med. Frank Riedel
Karl-Marx-Straße 1 | 15926 Luckau
Tel.: 03544 2232
Fax: 03544 557282